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Innergy Course




We are in the energy age! Your soul is your inner net with a central mission control to our inner health, our outer-gy, and our souler-gy. Cultivate + Recognize your Innergy with life changing tools and information. In this virtual, 4-week course, we will be tapping into our innergy by exploring how to distinguish energy filled with facts, energy obscured by lies, emotional levels of positive and negative polarity and how to raise your inner vibrational level.

With the darkness gripping this Earth lately, we must become better, more evolved humans with collective energy. We must learn to quiet the energy noise around us, transform energy to our benefit and that of the collective, and protect ourselves from low vibrational people and situations by harnessing positive energy.

Have you ever thought you were an empath? Have you ever wanted to know if something was true or a lie? Did you ever wonder if the supplements you are taking are right for you? Then this course is for you.