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Lauren Hornacek

Lauren Hornacek

Confident Coaching

Lauren Hornacek is a confident coach who specializes in helping women make changes in their lives to attain greater fulfillment and joy. Through virtual sessions, she helps her clients uncover their deepest desires, break down limiting beliefs that have held them back and then puts them on a path full of clarity and direction to pursue the life they really want.

After spending 12+ years in corporate America, Lauren developed a passion for learning why many women tend to find success in their lives or careers doing all they think they’re “supposed” to, but are still left feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or even just completely unfulfilled.

Through personal experience, private coaching, and countless trainings and seminars she has developed a deep appreciation for why this happens, where the setbacks occur, and how they can forge forward to break down the barriers holding them back.

What is Confident Coaching?
Confident Coaching is an impactful process that helps people dig deep into who they really are and what it is they really want.

Together, you and your coach can uncover your deepest desires by recognizing and isolating behaviors and tendencies that have held you back in the past. You’ll create a customized personal roadmap to help you break through your limiting beliefs, and take action toward all of your hopes and dreams with amazing clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.