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Lou Harrand

Lou Harrand

York, UK

Lou Harrand is the founder of Yogabomb, York’s custom built hot yoga studio, and Sobrietybomb, a sober community group based in York. Yogabomb is based within Hedley House Hotel in York which Lou co-owns with her husband Greg.

Lou graduated from University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary School Teaching of Physical Education and Mathematics. Lou worked throughout North and West Yorkshire in various schools and colleges before meeting her husband Greg in 2003 and subsequently joining him working within his hotel.

After having a career break to start a family, and facing different mental health issues, Lou discovered a love for yoga, especially hot yoga. Being a spontaneous couple and with no studios within a 20 mile radius of York, Lou managed to convince Greg that opening a hot yoga studio within their hotel was a great idea... and thus Yogabomb was created. Lou’s love for yoga and teaching went hand in hand and now with 9 years of yoga teaching
experience, Lou focuses on private yoga tuition, workshops, retreats and runs a busy studio hosting 12 teachers and a busy 7 day schedule.

In addition to Yogabomb Lou has qualified as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner, offers Angel card readings, performs chakra rebalancing, offers cacao ceremonies, guides meditations and Yoga Nidra, works with DoTerra essential oils, and most recently has become a certified Sober Coach, working with individuals who want to address their relationship with alcohol.

Lou loves to bring her personality into all of her teachings, and prefers to deliver light hearted, fun, accessible classes, ingrained with her unique style. Lou’s preferred yoga practice is hot vinyasa, flowing through ever-changing sequences and connecting movement with breath.