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Intuitive Mediumship Readings

As a Clinical Intuitive and Medium, Allison Feehan's sessions are like no other. She is notorious for her "papers" and the messages that fill those pages. She has the ability to intuitively connect to your energy and read its overall health and wellness, see any other non-physical energies that may be attached to you here in this physical world, and assist you in clearing that energy. She will connect to one or more of your loved ones that have crossed over bringing you closure and peace.

Allison works with angels and guides to perform readings. She also relies on your loved ones to bring forth messages and guidance.

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Allison is truly gifted - able to connect and bring clarity and peace - since meeting with her a few times i feel very aware of universal taps/nudges/messages - her passion for sharing her gift is a game changer xoxo.

– Denise A.